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Artist Statement

My process, has become concerned with simplification of shape, and development of texture. I use a variety of media to create a relief image, and then apply acrylic glazes to bring the relief to life.
The child of a Scoutmaster, and an organic gardener I was taught early to respect nature, and to act as her steward. As an artist I’m carrying that early training forward. 
Over the years my art has addressed many environmental issues, but none are dearer to my heart than habitat loss. My current series explore microenvironments, and threatened landscapes, from coastal lowlands, to farmers fields.

Join in the stewardship; help nature win the small battles, for we are all losers if that war is lost.
Come with me on a journey celebrating nature's small victories. 
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I’m an artist. 
I was born that way.
Growing up in a blue collar environment, I was discouraged from my ‘noodleing’  the story is all too common in my peer group I’m afraid.
Consequently I spent many years desperately unhappy, trying to fit into a box that was too small for my wings.  
Art kept finding ways to leak into the box. Every piece of paper was anointed, I’d embarrass my family at restaurants, drawing portraits on napkins, and giving them to the unsuspecting subjects.
I found every excuse,  to paint:  murals on the walls of our house, the fence, the trailer, gift for friends, etc. etc.
With the encouragement of a friend I entered the Western Fair Fine Art Competition in 2004, and won. Taking that as a sign from above, I shed my box, took every workshop and lesson I could find, and the rest, as they say, is history. 
I have wings, and I'm flying!

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