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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do Not Move Fire Wood

24x30, mixed media on wooden panel
$560.00 buy now

The house holds of Southern Ontario have been inundated with government generated adverts cautioning us not to move firewood. All of this effort has been part of a largely unsuccessful attempt to stop the march of the Emerald Ash Borer.
Series: At Risk
The back board is Masonite painted black and sealed. The 'floating board' is Masonite painted metallic gold. Collage elements are archival tissue paper I have hand dyed, found papers, and botanicals I collected and dried. Block printing, stencilling and painted images are acrylic.

In Praise Of Weeds

24x30, mixed media, on wooden panel, framed ready to hang
$560.00 buy now

This image is of the Monarch Butterfly, and contains reference to the factors that have lead to its endangered status, logging in Mexico, habitat loss in North America, the use of pesticides, etc.

Series: At Risk

The backing board is Masonite painted black and sealed. The 'floating panel' is Masonite painted metallic gold. The collage elements are archival tissue I have hand dyed and written on, and embedded dried botanicals I collected. Block printing and painted elements are both acrylic.

Thank a Pollinator

24x30, mixed media, on wooden panel, framed ready to hang

$560.00 buy now

This piece contains many references to the plight of the bee, and how reliant we are on pollinators.

While meant to provoke thought, many of the images are fun, and all are beautiful.

Series: At Risk

The Masonite back board is painted black and sealed . The small pieces are a combination of collage (hand dyed archival tissue) block printing and painted images (acrylic).

Juror's choice award STEAG Show 2009


24x30,"Unraveled" painting yellow sulphur butterfly, canvas on Masonite
mixed media, framed, ready to hang

$560.00 buy now

Millions of years ago leaves became flowers, wasps became bees, and moths became butterfly, all in an astonishingly short period of time. Our world has never been the same since. The development of fruit and seed added a whole new dimension to the food chain, and kick started an evolutionary frenzy. We quite literally owe our existence to that frenzy.

In less than a century we humans have managed to unravel that web of life. With pesticides, herbicides, and habitat destruction. We can reverse our course, but we must do it now.

Paved Paradise

Paved Paradise, 30x24, mixed media on wooden panel, framed ready to hang

$560.00 buy now

Part of my 'at risk' series, Paved paradise is a statement regarding the loss of wetlands.
The horizontal stripes on the right side contain strips of currency and maps. The fern like shapes are the map symbol for marsh, and the heron is representative of all marsh life. In Native American lore the heron is symbolic of transformation... and of greed, how ironic.

Included in the Port Stanley 2012 calender.

Dance Of The Pollinators

bee, butterfly

Mixed Media, collage, on cradled wooden panel
18x24, ready to hang

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